Updated Retaliation Website

Many of you know I am the guild leader of Retaliation. If anyone who is going to rift is looking for a strong PvP guild to go with them, Feel free to go over and check out retaliationguild.com which is our guild website. It is currently under redesign so If you see logos and things changing don’t be surprised although most of the redesign is done. If you have any comments or question feel free to hit me up and let me know.


Rift Review

Rift has several interesting parts but also some discouraging ones. First I will start with things I like about the game.

  • Easy for new players to jump in to
  • Pretty good tutorial system to help the new gamers
  • It’s just new and a little different
  • Seems well supported – They patched all of the beta feedback I gave them except one
  • Warfront queue times are like 30 seconds most of the times
  • Only really have to level 4 classes ever and have everything
  • If you make a mistake you don’t have to level again you just have to get some protips to get get good

There are some things I don’t like about the game as well

  • Will require lots of PvE for gear (although I don’t mind PvE if its polished, didn’t try any in Rift)
  • Respawn timers on some quest mobs is too fast and makes it really easy to get yourself caught and killed (adjusted to it after the first couple of times it happened)
  • Rifts attacking chapters when I am turning in quests, sometimes I just don’t want to deal with them and it is annoying to not be able to go afk anywhere except the main city without having the possibility of coming back to a corpse
  • No Dual Targeting – This one causes me much rage and needs to be fixed
  • The base UI – They will allow some mods so hopefully I can get it to how I like it if we move there.

Overall I would say it seems like a decent game and will be some fun while waiting for some other mmo’s. I don’t think it will ever be a big game but it seems like a good way to waste time for a few months.

Warhammer Fails Me

Warhammer Online has been an utter failure at keeping population up on their servers, and in a PvP game, that means at keeping the game alive. They also seem to not care. There are rumors of a producers letter at the end of the month. If it doesn’t have good new retaliation will be moving to rift. I just don’t feel like the developers are even invested in their own game anymore.

I will try to do a piece of rift by the end of the week as I am doing the beta at the moment. So far nothing special, but I also haven’t randomly hovered and died or got stuck on anything so it’s already one step up on my feelings about WAR.


Recently I have been playing my dok on badlands and I have realized something. The absolute best players there are on badlands that I have seen so far have not been impressive at all. Fourhundred is just about the only one that sticks out to be an actual good player. I figured I would give the badlands thing a try since I’ve been so bored on Ironrock. Not sure it’s going to keep my interest too long because the only good guilds I know are not recruiting and in general there are so many baddie destro that finding the good is just too much effort.

Maybe I’ll check back to see if anything good is going on with Ironrock lately, but I doubt there is. At this point there isn’t enough population on either side on Ironrock.

Extended Break from posting

I have taken an extended break from posting lately mainly because I have steadily been playing less and less warhammer. It’s just not as fun as it used to be on Iron Rock because there is no one to kill, or destro is zerging and I put a group together go wipe them once, and then there is no one to kill again. It’s an endless cycle of boredom, so I just haven’t been able to make myself continue to log into war.

I did take a break and roll a DOK on badlands just so that I could have something to do and people to fight, but most of the time thats boring too mainly because I don’t want to go through gearing a 6th toon, it’s just not worth it to me. TOVL can diaf its buggy as hell and often is a huge waste of time. I am basically only willing to do it with a set group of people because then we have fun messing around and since I can’t get them all to reroll on badlands it just means not running tovl. There is however no orvr jewels that are as good for any class as the ones from tovl so it’s a little annoying. This is the end of this rage post

oRvR on Iron Rock this week

There has been tons of fun fights this week. I can’t get over how different the game has felt. I mean in the last month i have been in oRvR seriously trying to do something maybe a half a dozen times and that usually amounted to sitting on a BO or freenowning a few keeps with the guild. If it stays like this I may actually have a reason to stay subbed in this game. I miss the challenge of annihilating numbers more than your own. The one thing I still can’t stand is order. They are still only pug warband leaders that avoid fighting destro for freenown. Its like please go play hello kitty online instead, or shoot yourself, that would also be acceptable for me. I can’t believe I am saying this but I miss Heraclius……..yeah I said it. At least on PT he would lead his warband right in there to fight the destro with us.

I want to give a shout out to Infraction and his guild for always being willing to fight us. Even when outnumbered they come out and try (when not messing around on badlands) to wreck anything that they can. They are good players and can be easily underestimated, so heads up to any order out there to not assume that a 6 man can’t wreck you and a heads up to destro that these are some solid guys to listen to.

Angry at WAR

Basically I haven’t posted in a while because I haven’t been playing much warhammer…..well much for me. One of my favorite things to do in Warhammer is zerg bust. Since a zerg of destro doesn’t really exist on Iron Rock anymore ill be happy with more than a warband of destro that signs off after being wiped once. This makes my guild do scs…..endlessly……which just isn’t that fun anymore. I want to ORVR but there is nothing to kill 90% of the time. Rather than be open and tell us wtf they are going to do and when they are going to do it Mythic just plays their usual game of not telling us anything except they are planning something. I’ll give them till my sub is up at the end of the month to solve it because frankly I’m sick of Mythic’s bullshit on all fronts. I love that they are like, “but we talk to our subscribers”. Sure they talk to us about shit that doesn’t matter solely for the purpose of trying to build hype in a dying game. I’m just done giving my money to these guys who cannot deliver the “War is everywhere”. They should change that to “War is every hour in an sc spawn camp of destro or go to Badlands”.